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David Sanborn

Guitarist, Composer, Educator

RIP David Sanborn. It was an honor to be part of his band for the past 2 years. When Dave passed on May 12, we  lost an iconic musician who shaped  the sound of contemporary jazz over  the past 40 years.  Not only was Dave a great player, but he was the most inspiring band leader I've ever worked with. He encouraged experimentation and innovation and 'let the band play', as they say.  

The Truth Serum Album

Truth Serum is a collection of compositions I wrote with no preconceived goal of satisfying or conforming to any particular genre label or template.  I just wrote what came to me at the moment.  I arranged and performed them with my L.A. band, primarily at the legendary Baked Potato in Los Angeles.


Fretboard Biology represents the latest evolution in online guitar
education.  It is a comprehensive, fully-integrated guitar program that provides a comparable education and alternative to some of the world’s top music schools.  This is a structured learning program designed for the guitarist who needs a plan.

I developed the curriculum based on over 30 years of teaching
literally thousands of students at G.I.T. in Hollywood and McNally
Smith College of Music in the Twin Cities.


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