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Guitarist, Composer, Educator

Joe's Album Truth Serum getting plenty of play.

About Truth Serum


Truth Serum is a collection of compositions I wrote with no preconceived goal of satisfying or conforming to any particular genre label or template.  I just wrote what came to me at the moment.  I arranged and performed them with my L.A. band, primarily at the legendary Baked Potato in Los Angeles.


I’m tremendously grateful for the great musicians who performed these songs with me. Tim McIntyre, Andre Berry and Steve Weingart were the ‘original’ LA band who performed most of these songs with me.


Many others contributed with great musical performances on their respective tracks: Ricky Peterson, Ernest Tibbs, Marc Rio, Richie Gajata Garcia, Tony Axtell, Sean Turner, Christian Klikovits, Shai Hyo, Scott Agster, Steve Jennings, Pete Whitman and Adam Rossmiller were all fantastic.