Guitarist, Composer, Educator

Joe's album Truth Serum getting plenty of play.

About Truth Serum


Truth Serum is a collection of compositions I wrote with no preconceived goal of satisfying or conforming to any particular genre label or template.  I just wrote what came to me at the moment.  I arranged and performed them with my L.A. band, primarily at the legendary Baked Potato in Los Angeles.



Fretboard Biology represents the latest evolution in online guitar
education.  It is a comprehensive, fully-integrated guitar program that provides a comparable education and alternative to some of the world’s top music schools.  This is a structured learning program designed for the guitarist who needs a plan.

The curriculum was developed by Joe over 30 years of teaching
literally thousands of students at G.I.T. in Hollywood and McNally
Smith College of Music in the Twin Cities.