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I've written or co-written a lot of books and music curriculum --- some for Hal Leonard Publishing, some for Musicians Institute and some for McNally Smith College of Music. Here are three books available to the public. There are seven more in progress and I will post them when available.

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The Fretboard Biology program represents the latest evolution in online guitar education. These books are designed to be be used as companions to the online program but they can also function as stand-alone instructional material. 


The Fretboard Biology program is a comprehensive, fully-integrated guitar program that provides a comparable education and alternative to some of the world’s top music schools.  This is a structured learning program designed for the guitarist who needs a plan.

The curriculum was developed by Joe over 30 years of teaching literally thousands of students at G.I.T. in Hollywood and McNally Smith College of Music in the Twin Cities.

An Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing

If you are interested in learning how to play over/through chord changes, this book offers a method I taught at G.I.T. for many years and now use at McNally Smith College of Music. It's done in a "jazz standard" context but the basic principals are applicable to all genres. 


I arrived at my method by making the information my teachers provided work for me. I borrowed some of the best practices from my great teachers:  Don Mock, Carl Schroeder, Scott Henderson, Howard Roberts, Joe Diorio, Ron Eschete, Joe Pass, Bruce Buckingham, Danny Gilbert,  Keith Wyatt, Frank Gamble, and Jamie Findlay.  I owe a lot to these great musicians. Thousands of my students have had great success with this method and I'm happy to assist guitarists work through the book online.  It is available through most major booksellers.

Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician  

Music is a "hearing art" (obviously) and the skill most overlooked by self-taught musicians is their ability to identify the melodies, chord changes and rhythms they hear. 

This book was written by Keith Wyatt, Carl Schroeder and me and mirrors the ear training curriculum that was used at Musicians Institute for many years.    It is available through most major book sellers.

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